10 Chic Outfits to Wear to a Football Game (2024)

Little compares to the excitement of a Sunday afternoon crowded around the television or tailgating before the big game. Whether or not you actually care about the sport, figuring out what to wear to a football game can give you an excuse to play and pull together different fall outfits. In fact, there are countless ways to look both cute and casual while watching the game. Above all, you should consider your personal preferences when deciding what to wear, but keep in mind that statement outerwear, footwear, and accessories can all work to curate a stylish game-day look.

In case you're in need of some inspiration, we've brainstormed 10 of our favorite outfit ideas below. Keep scrolling to get our expert advice and styling tips on what to wear to a football game.

Your Team's Gear

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This one's a no-brainer. Undoubtedly the easiest outfit you can put together for a football game is wearing your team's jersey (or any team's jersey, for that matter). For a classic aesthetic, pair with jeans and coordinate your footwear to the color scheme you're representing.

To dress up the jersey, or a team sweatshirt, you can either go for an oversized fit and wear it as a dress (tie the sleeves of a denim jacket at the waist to cinch and accentuate your shape, then swap out sneakers for a pair of boots) or tuck your top into a pleated skirt.

A Neutral Uniform

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Not all who watch or attend football games are fans of the sport. Maybe you're in attendance for the good company or good food. Either way, if you're not rooting for one team or another, there's no need to feign fandom. Wear what you normally would to a fall outing, such as jeans and your favorite cozy sweater.

A V-Neck Varsity Sweater

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If Gossip Girl had a football team, the Met steps would have met its match in the school's bleachers. We're picturing the ladies of Constance Billard decked out in cozy alma mater sweatshirts over a button-down collared shirt, pleated skirts, quilted vests, and designer varsity sweaters — a lot of designer varsity sweaters. Varsity V-neck pullovers and cardigans are as athletically preppy as it gets. They can dress up your go-to pair of denim for the game, but if you want to elevate the look even further, opt for a skirt with knee-high socks, or experiment with colorful or patterned bottoms.

Anything Flannel

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When figuring out what to wear to a football game, you can't lose with flannel. The autumnal staple is a popular item for fans of the seasonal sport, so throw one on in lieu of a jacket over a tee, under a vest, or tie at the waist as an accessory.

A Bomber Jacket

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Like varsity sweaters, bomber jackets are another clothing item associated with football attire. Rather than style a jersey underneath, bombers look sleeker over casual tees (think monochromatic tops, cropped options, or shirts decorated with clean, team-spirited graphics). Whatever your stance on skinny jeans may be, we personally love pairing a bulkier bomber with leg-hugging bottoms or biker shorts, if the weather permits. Keep the look lax with sneakers or add toughness with a chunky combat boot.

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Experimental Outerwear

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Jackets and hoodies will always have a place in football (and, really, any sporting event) fashion, but don't discount all the other outerwear pieces hanging pretty in your closet. Change things up by wearing a blazer over a sweatshirt for a brisk afternoon game. If it's only slightly breezy, shrug a blanket scarf over your shoulders to avoid unnecessary bulk.

Lots of Layers

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Layering up isn't just a styling technique but a means of survival amidst dipping temperatures. This is especially true as we transition into cooler weather (remember: football season spans from September through early February). Luckily, this functional tactic can also be quite fashionable with the right pieces. Start with long-sleeved shirts and thermal pants as your foundation, then build from there. Go for denim for bottoms, two pairs of socks, and roomy boots. As for your top half, start with a cozy sweatshirt (team affiliation optional) then add a vest overtop. If you really want to show your team spirit, slip an oversized jersey over the bulk.

Funky Accessories

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If you're sticking with a basic jersey and jeans ensemble, play up your accessories. Colorful jackets, statement gloves, and fun footwear are a given but don't hesitate to experiment with other trends too. Start by dusting off your favorite '90s-style bag or wristlet for the occasion or incorporating fringe details wherever you can.

Comfy Athleisure

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Loungewear and athleisure have become a kind of uniform for vegging out, yet still looking stylish. Football games are long and require a lot of standing up and sitting back down to cheer or see what's happening on the field. Opting for something comfy, like leggings with a hoodie or joggers and a turtleneck, can help you reach your maximum comfort.

A Denim-Free Ensemble

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There's no rule that says you have to wear denim to a sporting event. Jeans are optional. Leather skirts, cigarette and paper bag pants, and loose-fitting trousers are all fair game. So choose your bottom of choice and select your footwear — from sneakers to over-the-knee boots — accordingly.

10 Chic Outfits to Wear to a Football Game (2024)
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